Bored Piers Installation in Melbourne

Foundation Solutions Australia is one of the leading drilling and bored piers installation contractors based in Melbourne. We provide efficient professional drilling for bored piers (also known as bored piles) that are manufactured using locally sourced materials.

Well-resourced to provide top-notch bored piles & construction services

Melbourne is a densely populated city that is growing at a rapid pace. As a result, the demand for infrastructural development and construction needs are booming.

Durable foundation is very important to align and keep a building firm. We understand the growing demands for quality concrete construction services and thus we provide the finest bored piles in the whole of Melbourne and throughout Victoria to make your construction operational.

Hire us for Bored Piers Services

Wealth of experience in construction and geo-technical engineering provides us with profound knowledge and insights into the most advanced and effective equipment to produce strong and stable drilling bored piers.

We ensure that:


  • Our bored piers penetrates deeper into the earth making it ideal for difficult soil situations such as frost penetration.
  • Our bored piers are the most cost-effective solution over other pilling options
  • We minimises backfills
  • Large excavations are not needed
  • There are minimal disruptions to the nearby lands and structures
  • Produces little to no vibration or sound



We have a team of expert piling system technicians proficient at providing high-end drilling and boring services for bored piles, ground anchor screws, screw pile foundations and more. We aim to meet all your commercial and industrial needs at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for low cost, high-grade bored pier and drilling service call us now on 0451 264 204

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