Screw Pile Suppliers for Residential & Commercial Construction in Melbourne

Screw piles (or piers), are an important form of ground anchoring used for deep foundations during construction purposes. In simplified terms, screw piles are large steel rods that are installed into the ground with the help of specialised equipment to support building and structures such as cottages, galleries, patios or sheds.

Foundation Solutions Australia is one of the leading screw piling contractors operating in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We specialise in the manufacturing and installation of high quality screw piles for residential, commercial and industrial construction and ground maintenance purposes.

Commercial & residential screw piles foundation

Having many years of experience in the fields of construction and geotechnical engineering, we have profound knowledge and insights into the most advanced and effective equipment available. We are proficient at installing strong and stable screw piles across Melbourne, at a competitively low cost.

Benefits of our screw pile foundations:

  1. Fast and efficient construction for domestic and commercial applications
  2. Deeper ground penetration ideal for difficult soil circumstances such as frost penetration
  3. Cost-effective piling solution
  4. Reduced soil displacement
  5. Reduction in transportation costs of a project
  6. Decreased carbon footprint on the project
  7. Simple and easy installation process
  8. Easily be removed when foundations are no longer required
  9. Decreases the risks of accident in the workplace
  10. Environmentally Friendly

What makes screw piers/screw piles stand out?

The speciality of the modern piling system is that it can be easily installed in poor ground or soil conditions which are not possible with ordinary concrete foundation. These piling solutions are available in various shapes and sizes to be screwed to different depths depending on the types and conditions of the soil. For example in a frosted soil condition, the lower fin of the pile is deeply affixed to the ground to create a strong support and foundation below the level of the frost.

Nowadays, most of the piling manufacturers are designing anti-corrosive piles for ease of installation and longevity.

Industry front-runners for screw pile foundations

Our team of expert pile driving technicians proficient at providing high-end concrete construction services to meet your residential and commercial needs. We carry out the services based on accurate site inspections and our operations are planned and developed according to your needs and budget. We assure you that:

  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our technicians are highly efficient and effective at their work
  • We concentrate on every single detail to get perfect results
  • Our staff maintain excellent attitude and work ethics
  • Services tailored to meet your budget
  • We have all machinery you need
  • Our specialty is working under tight deadlines and budgets

For more information on our screw piles, ground anchors or our other services, send an email to or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.