Ground Anchor Services in Melbourne

Foundation Solutions is one of the finest rock and soil anchoring service provider in Melbourne. We specialise in the effective installation of ground anchors and screw anchors that are manufactured using locally sourced materials. We maintain high-industry standards to deliver the best results to maintain walls, dams, wharves, bridge abutments and foundations for buildings and any other commercial and residential construction purposes.

Why use our ground screw anchors?

Our specialised ground screw anchors are designed to transfer the forces applied to it efficiently to a competent stratum. We specialise in producing high-quality screw anchors that are suitable for both temporary and permanent anchoring into any kind of material, including concrete, brick and block. Our ground anchors are highly durable yet available at a competitive rate.

Benefits of using our ground screws

Installation of ground screws are an integral part of civil engineering. Many years of experience in the field of construction and geo technical engineering helps us choose the right tools and materials to provide durable anchoring.

The benefits of our anchor services include:

  1. High loads can be acquired in poor ground conditions.
  2. Suitable for any type of ground conditions.
  3. Increase the durability of soil.
  4. Resists corrosion and alkaline solutions from damaging the soil.
  5. Applicable for rock anchoring.
  6. Minimalize the impacts on surrounding environment.
  7. Improved soil conditions for easier and deeper excavation.
  8. Reduced needs for maintenance thus saving additional costs.

Providing ground screw installation across Melbourne

We completely understand the increasing demand for infrastructural development in Melbourne. Therefore, we provide premium ground anchoring services to make any construction operative.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified technicians will provide you with the right anchoring solutions for any construction and maintenance needs.

A wealth of experience provides us with industry insights into the most advanced technology and equipment. We are more than capable of delivering our services efficiently and on time.

Expert Technicians to Meet your Needs

We outsource expert anchoring technicians to provide high-quality services to meet all your personal and commercial construction needs.

Our qualified staffs are fully aware of all the health and safety regulations and conduct the services based on accurate site inspections. We plan and schedule our pile driving services based on your needs and budget.

We assure you that:

  1. We are fully insured and licensed.
  2. Our certified technicians arevery proficient and productive.
  3. Highly qualified staffs having excellent attitude and work ethics
  4. Our services are affordable.
  5. We specialise in working with tight deadlines and a constrained budget.
  6. Provide flexible schedule.

If you are looking for top-class ground screw anchor installation call us now!

For more information, or to learn about our other services including screw pile foundations, send an email to: or fill in our online enquiry form on our website and we will get back to you!