Helical Piles in Melbourne

Without a strong foundation, the soil where the structure stands will sink, and the building will crash. While we only see a dwelling from the ground floor to the roof, something below the ground bears a great significance in its overall integrity and safety. At Foundation Solutions Australia, we provide high-quality helical piles for a stable building.

Building a Strong Foundation

Also known as helical anchors, helical piers, and screw piles, helical piles provide all types of structures with foundational support. This equipment is fixed deep in the underground to carry the weight of the building above it.

Workers install commercial or residential helical piles to create a platform where the structures rest. Remember, a strong foundation holds bridges and buildings in place without ruining how they look like.

Cost-Effective Helical Piles

If you are looking for helical piles for a house foundation, we can give you the most cost-effective screw pilings. Foundations Solutions Australia has years of experience in the structural and geotechnical industry. And with that, we guarantee to offer nothing but the best foundation solutions, be it for your home or commercial property.

Plus, we use locally-sourced materials for our helical piles, and they are made with Australian labour. Therefore, all that we offer you will comply with the design standards in Australia, as well as the criteria for such foundation materials.

Support for Establishments of All Types and Sizes

Our helical piles can support any type of structure regardless of its size. When these are installed beneath the surface, they will hold the establishment up, and you wouldn’t fear that the building will sink to the ground. Aside from that, helical piles will also help resist movement in times of catastrophes like earthquakes.

So, if you don’t want any costly repairs for your establishment due to the lack of a sturdy foundation, it is best to invest in our helical piles. Because as they would have said: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Structural Integrity Is Our Priority

Foundation Solutions Australia brings durable helical piles in Melbourne made from the best quality steel. We value our clients, and that is why we see to it that we help them have unmatched structural integrity.

Aside from helical piles, we also offer board piers and ground anchors. Call us on 0451 264 204 for more information about us and the services we offer. You may also fill in the form on our Contact Page for an obligation-free quote.