Benefits of Pile Driving In Construction Purposes

Nowadays the importance of pile drivers in the construction industry has increased a lot. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we are able to use various models of these drivers to cover ranges of pile driving applications without any worries.

Typically, a passer-by may perceive the activities that unfold in a construction site to be chaotic and unorganised. However, little do they know that the construction workers follow a very well-organised plan! Each worker follows a set of orders from a chain of command in their respective organisation. On the other hand, the workers understand that they need to cooperate and work as a team in order to complete the work on time and reach the overall goal of finishing the project.

Common Pile Driving Problems & Solutions

One of the most important applications in any commercial construction project is to establish a strong and secure foundation on which the structure could rest. When a pile driving contractor begins to facilitate the process of digging into the earth to lay the foundation they will face many shortages. Most of the issues will be related to the soil conditions such as clay, sand, silt and litany of rock types. It is difficult to lay the foundations of a commercial structure in such soil conditions, for which power machinery is required to carve, drill and vibrate into the centre of the earth.

These obstacles are obvious yet they pose massive challenges to a project, particularly when the foundations are to be executed in a location surrounded by water bodies such as river, lake, or sea. A cofferdam is required to remove the water from the ground so that the foundations can be easily built. This is where the pile driving comes in handy.

 Here are some additional features of pile drivers and they are:

  • They can easily penetrate Earth
  • It can be utilised in conditions where other piling methods are incapable.
  • Laying foundation in poor soil conditions can be easily tackled.
  • Minimal sound during the process of construction.
  • Efficient drilling encourages lower use of transportation to clear the ground pilings, hence saving plenty of cost in the process.

Pile driving is an excellent choice for those contractors concerned about challenges such as the timing of the project and cost.

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